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Discover the profound potency of the Penis Envy strain, renowned as one of the most powerful psilocybin mushrooms available. This strain offers a unique, intensely psychoactive experience, making it a top choice for seasoned enthusiasts. Each mushroom promises a deep, transformative journey, with robust growth that results in thick, bulbous caps and a distinctive appearance. Ideal for those seeking a deeper connection and explorative sessions.

Magic Mushrooms - Penis Envy

C$42.00 Regular Price
C$33.00Sale Price
  • Given the exceptional potency of the Penis Envy strain, dosing should be approached with care and respect for its strength. Here’s a simplified dosing guide, tailored to individual sensitivity to psilocybin:

    • Microdose (0.05g - 0.25g): Ideal for newcomers to psychedelics, a microdose can subtly enhance creativity, mood, and focus without noticeable psychedelic effects.
    • Mini-dose (0.3g - 1g): Offers mild perceptual changes and emotional uplift, suitable for those seeking light enhancement without a full psychedelic experience.
    • Full-dose (1g - 3g): Engages a complete psychedelic experience with significant visual and auditory changes, emotional depth, and potential for personal insights.
    • Mega-dose (3g+): For experienced users or under professional supervision, mega-doses can lead to intense journeys and deep introspection. Use with extreme caution and preparation, ideally with a guide or sitter.

    Adjust doses based on your physiology, mindset, and setting. Begin with lower doses and proceed cautiously to ensure safety and optimal experience.

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