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Learn about microdosing


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Microdose for Growth


At Mammoth Mushrooms, we believe psilocybin can be a tool for personal growth and insight. We also know that microdosing is a great way to enhance many recreational activities. 

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By far, the most useful type of preparation that one can undertake prior to any of trip - micro or macro, whatever the psychedelic of choice is - has to do with the mental side of things. And, ironically, only so much preparation can actually be achieved prior to a leap of faith into the unknown.

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Venture deeper into the world of mushrooms with macrodosing. Immerse yourself in a profound, introspective experience, allowing for personal growth, spiritual insights, and enhanced creativity. Learn the best practices for a safe and transformative journey.

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Understanding the right dosage is crucial. Whether microdosing for daily insights or macrodosing for profound experiences, our comprehensive guide provides the information you need. Tailored to individual needs, get insights on measurements and frequency to ensure optimal outcomes.

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While the rewards are plentiful, being informed of the risks is essential. With Mammoth Mushrooms, safety is paramount. From potential interactions to individual sensitivities, equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate your journey responsibly.

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Stay updated with the latest scientific insights on Mammoth Mushrooms. Delve into peer-reviewed research, case studies, and expert opinions. Empower your decisions with data and learn about these natural wonders' myriad benefits and potential applications.

learn about magic mushrooms

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